For all those who know and like the luxury of submerging in hot water,

we prepare the “OFURO” that can also be enjoyed outdoors or within an exclusive area.

Enjoy this luxurious space that will warm you from the bottom of your heart.

Genuine Japanese traditional taste and fresh raw fish.

The Japanese Chef of the “GOEN” restaurant in the city of León Guanajuato invites you to delight your palate with Genuine Japanese taste.

“MIYABI” is a completely private room with an atmosphere of tranquility, for meetings or intimate dinners and celebrations.

“NAGOMI” which is an extension of the restaurant, is IZAKAYA style.

“SAKURA” is a party room or multipurpose room and where you can also enjoy karaoke.

We prepare a special menu for each space, each situation and each special event.

The solid wood in one piece not only represents a bar in the restaurant area, but it is also a place where you can eat and end a day in a pleasant way.

In the property we have hotel rooms that emphasize functionality, an ideal space for short-stay business trips and also rooms equipped with a bathtub, washer-dryer, kitchenette, dishes, ideal for long-term business trips.

In the same building there are equipped apartments that satisfy a wide range of needs for both singles and families.

Guests can arrive with only one suitcase and start living without inconvenience. All these apartments have functional refrigerators and toilets, as well as household appliances for daily use and a living-dining room area.

The hotel’s large pool has a size of 25 meters and guests can also use it to exercise due to it’s large size.

In the GYM we have LIFE FITNESS exercise equipment, weights to do complete routines.

In the Golf Studio you can enjoy a simulator to practice.

You can use the laundry room at no extra cost if you do not have a washing machine in the room.


Nowadays, hotels have focused on “Management efficiency” and this business model has become very common in all over the world. Behind this, we know that the lodging model of the local chains comes from the American-style hotel chains.

Using the same form of service as an example, American “hospitality” has become the standard for hotel service around the world and has become deeply ingrained among guests.

However, by nature, “hospitality” is deeply rooted in the history, culture and tradition of each country. So, the “hospitality” depends on the country where the guest comes from.

We will continue to do our best to continue offering “OMOTENASHI” Japanese hospitality to make our Japanese customers feel at home. In addition, we would like to transmit it to this country the “OMOTENASHI”, Japanese hospitality so that they feel the difference and understand the Japanese culture, the lifestyle that is a combination of courtesy and harmony.

The “OMOTENASHI” represents Japanese hospitality at its finest and integrates social harmony and harmony with nature, which is basically the origin of the Japanese essence.


Av. Sta Rosa 5001, Privada Juriquilla, 76239 Juriquilla, Qro